God as a scientific theory

The reason, I think, god(s) are still worshipped today, is because you can view god as a valid scientific theory. As I described in my post about the scientific method, there are four reasons why a scientific theory should be discarded:

1. The facts are wrong.
2. A simpler theory is proposed.
3. New facts cannot be explained by the theory.
4. Better facts cannot be explained by the theory.

Let's check the 'god' theory against these criteria.

1. All facts are "god's work", so no issue here.
2. Magic is the easiest explanation (for some people), so no issue here.
3. New facts, see point one - god's work, no issue.
4. Better facts, see point one - god's work, no issue.

Looks pretty good for 'god' as a scientific explanation, doesn't it?

Apart from these criteria, I mentioned 'predictions', this is a bit of a killer. It's absolutely impossible to base predictions on god. After all, anything that will happen is 'his will'.

People try, though; they predict the apocalypse over and over again, always with the same result (so far).

Lastly, 'god did it' as an explanation is a bit of a damper on curiosity. Hey, how is it that birds can fly? -- god did it... Not very exciting, for a scientific investigation.

The modern definition of god is a supernatural being. This means that god and reality don't meet:
  • Science can only say something sensible about nature, about observable, repeatable, verifiable facts.
  • God deals in magic / miracles. Miracles are by definition not repeatable or verifiable facts.


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