You want your freedom - By Ashvin Harrison with permission

In my opinion, the "abortion debate" isn't actually a debate. Some people want to give rights to fetuses that don't have cognitive abilities to exercise those rights while taking away the right of self-determination from women who do have cognitive abilities.

Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.

Is a fetus a human being? I really don't care if it is, or isn't.

Does a fetus have the right to live? No, it doesn't. Human rights begin at birth according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Let's imagine we give a fetus the right to live. How can we determine whether a fetus wants to exercise that right? We can't. That is not a right, but an obligation. These people want to force fetuses onto the world whether these fetuses want, or not.

Let's imagine we take away women's right of self-determination, a right recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Would women become happy breeders when forced? Do these people think that women are cattle? How would being treated as cattle affect their relationship with the child, once born? Unhappy people are the most likely result.

To keep this post short, some paternalistic people want to decide for fetuses that they should be born and for women that they should give birth. That's it. Their goal is forced-birth.


  1. "How can we determine whether a fetus wants to exercise that right?" Ask every living person, who wasnt aborted.

    1. Ask a fetus? A fetus has no cognitive abilities.
      Ask a baby? A baby can't talk.
      Ask a toddler? A toddler can't understand.

      Ask someone who does have cognitive abilities? How can they judge for others? That's just paternalism.


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