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We are all equals (I'm not)!

Hopefully, you'll stick with me to the end of this blog-post to discover the meaning of the title. :-) I promise to keep it short. This post is about “genetic variations over generations”. I did some research and I found there's a ton of material available. My efforts to understand reproduction, are very partial and it would be arrogant for me to call myself 'an expert'. I'm not. I hardly understand it, but it's incredibly interesting all the same! For instance... meiosis. This is the first step in the reproductive process. The chromosomes in the individual come together, the chromosomes interchange DNA and then separate to form ova (if the individual is female) or sperms (in males). This is the reason why the traits of the grandparents are visible in the grandchildren! “Genetic variation” occurs during meiosis; the biochemical process is not perfect. Anything can happen; DNA can be duplicated, deleted or changed! This doesn't represent a