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What is Intelligent Design?

Update: Intelligent design is a creationist' scam as shown during the Dover trial. You can check-out the legal text here and the expert witness here Calling it as it is. Creationist leaders are scam artists (liars). They deliberately concocted the ID movement to get creationism taught in schools. If you are a Christian, according to your faith, lying is a "sin". Think about the lack of ethics of these people. End update - January 3rd, 2017 The original article below: I contend that nobody knows. According to IDelists I've come across with, other IDelists are wrong. It may be that I'm constructing a Strawman logical fallacy, but I think ID is deliberately constructing a logical fallacy of confusion. Here's what I understand. ID is against the scientific theory of evolution, because evolution doesn't explain abiogenesis. ID explains abiogenesis with an unnamed designer, either supernatural or … alien. ID does not accept evol