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I've written about this topic on a number of occasions, but this is, hopefully, the clearest post. There are basically two ways religious people look at the question of "holy" texts and science, and religious people find a way to mentally switch between these two. The first way is very fundy: The "holy" text is true. Period. The second way is more general: There is a god because reasons. Recently, I wrote a tweet I particularly like because it addresses both these views at the same time. a) The creator god of the bible is nonexistent.     Genesis makes claims about creation. Science has debunked those claims centuries ago.  b) The god of the gaps is not the god of the bible.  As I have elaborated on these two points in other blog posts, I'll just leave links to these other blog posts here. Your opinion is always welcome. Links: Interpreting the bible Formal logic Fallacies 'R Us The Kalam Cosmological Fallacies