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All creationism

Usually, I write these blog entries to serve as reference points I can link to when discussing with people on Twitter. Instead of having to type two-hundred tweets on my mobile phone, I can search the link and give MyOpinion™ to whomever. I've linked a number of people to this tweet by PoliticoCryzis because it's brilliant. But let me add a little extra to this goodness. Please note how these creation stories are contradictory, and what's worse, they are utterly unverifiable . Scientifically speaking, they're nonsense. All major fields of science disprove these creation stories. Astrophysics ; the universe is 13,798 billion years old. Nuclear physics ; the earth is 4,54 billion years old. Geology ; the formation of mountains takes millions of years . Palaeontology ; life started 3,9 billions of years ago. Biology ; the species we know today evolved ever since life started. Chemistry ; we're not made out of dust, mud, clay, dirt or roc