"Scientism" means misusing the word "science". You can misuse it either by calling something that can't be measured "scientific", or by claiming that something without sufficient supporting evidence is "scientific".

It is a word that's thrown around by people who hardly know what it means and who certainly don't know what the word "science" means or what the scientific method is.

"Scientism" is also a word used in philosophy to denote an excess of confidence in science, and has legitimate uses. However, the people who accuse others of "scientism" are not at all interested in philosophy. They are solely interested in delegitimizing the scientific method. They are anti-science. Period.

Why are they against science? Is it because they are not scientifically literate? Do they have economic motivations?

What worries me is the number of people that are anti-science. There's a war on science going on, and the results of this war is, and will be, disastrous. There are both left-wing and right-wing anti-science arguments I disagree with.

Left-wing anti-science argues against GMOs, nuclear power, etc. 

Right-wing anti-science argues against climate change, evolution, fundamental physics research, etc.

Here's the thing; people are already dying because they don't go to the doctor, because they don't get vaccinations, because the climate is changing and dehydration costs lives.

Science, on the other hand, helps the economy directly and indirectly. It has been calculated that every Dollar the US spends on space investigation has a ROI of between $7 and $14. Not bad.

Not only that, but the environment and our health depend on scientific research. Alternative energy, improved materials, improved methods, reduced waste, reduced emissions, cancer treatments, gene therapy, etc, etc, etc.

Loads of people don't realize how our society depends on (the results of) science.
  • Vaccines
  • X-Rays
  • Antibiotics
  • Implants
  • Electricity
  • Metallurgy
  • Food and water safety
  • Computers & the Internet
  • GPS
  • Smart-phones
  • Transportation 
  • Air safety
Scientific research should be funded. Universities should be funded. Students should get low tuition.

I am unabashedly in favor of science.

More science, more better, bitches!


  1. Science indeed, more good science!
    Scientism, well, Im just getting into what that is all about.

    1. All science is good science, even bad science is good.
      When a result is unexpected, science advances.
      When a result is expected, science advances.


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